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We offer peace of mind in the disposal of scheduled and hazardous substances.

As the DEA has stopped their destruction of outdated scheduled drugs, we’ve seen a surge of Healthcare practices seeking our specialized assistance with the proper disposal of their scheduled or hazardous waste. Our Healthcare Professionals division was created and staffed to meet the needs of Veterinarians and their practices.

As a DEA preferred reverse distributor, PRS has worked diligently to make the process of meeting all federal regulations simple and cost effective.

Our EPA compliance specialists are available 24 hours a day to answer questions and guide you through the regulations that keep our environment clean and safe.

We’d like to bring our more than two decades of experience in the disposal and destruction of pharmaceutical waste to your benefit… at very competitive rates.

This program has been designed for facilities wanting to return – or needing the disposal of – Scheduled pharmaceuticals. We have developed a simplified version of our return program to make the inventory and destruction easy and cost effective.

Here is how it works:

The needs of Healthcare Professional fall into three categories: Scheduled Drug Disposal for Class II–V Pharmaceuticals, Hazardous Materials Disposal, and Regulated Waste Disposal. PRS is licensed with both the DEA and EPA to accomplish the legal destruction of these items in complete compliance with each agency’s specific regulations. When you dispose of your waste through PRS, your liability for these materials ends as soon as the box leaves your office. When your liability is transferred to us, you will receive full itemized documentation for your records, which can be used for DEA and EPA inspections as well as preparing your taxes for the IRS.

Scheduled Drug Disposal:

DEA regulations require that you keep a detailed record of all incoming and outgoing scheduled drugs. In addition, they require DEA licensed agents for the destruction of all Schedule drugs, utilizing the proper DEA forms. The DEA recognizes our company as a licensed agent of the DEA to perform the destruction of Schedule drug waste and a provider of official DEA documents. Pharmaceutical Returns Service ends the liability chain for you and keeps you in compliance with the DEA and EPA regulations. These drugs will be destroyed at 45-day intervals at a DEA approved incineration site and you will receive reports of all the items destroyed, DEA compliance forms, and a Certificate of Destruction.

Hazardous Materials Disposal:

The EPA has classified these substances as hazardous materials that need to be incinerated in a specific manner. It is illegal to dispose of these into the water system (i.e., rinsing it down the sink) or throwing it away (i.e., putting it into the garbage).

Regulated Waste Disposal:

This is the EPA classification is for materials used in Veterinarian practices that are neither Hazardous nor Scheduled. One of the common items in this category is expired vaccines. Once again, it is illegal to release them either into the water system or into landfill. By law, they need to be separated into their proper waste stream and incinerated accordingly.

Please reference our  Industry Information Section on our website; it has some of the recent investigations into pharmaceutical pollution, and some pertinent information for Healthcare Professionals from the EPA on PPCP Pollution. This area has been receiving funding from the government, as municipalities are beginning to investigate the substances that are actually entering wastewater treatment plants and landfills. (This is why we provide you with Certificates of Destruction for your records!)

Once again, thank you for your interest in Pharmaceutical Returns Service. If we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to call our customer service department at 800-215-5878 or 630-277-8337.


All levels include the following benefits

  • Pre-paid FedEx shipping labels with an 800# to call for easy pick up
  • Filing system for outdate management
  • Simple 3-step shipping instructions
  • 800# to your PRS Account Manager
  • DEA 222 Request and CIII-V Control Drug Report
  • Returns based on contracted pricing, not the current AWP, direct cost or Redbook price
  • Immediate customer service feedback
  • FREE tamper-proof bags for CIII-Vs
  • FREE shipping to PRS/bulk rate shipping to manufacturer
  • FREE CIII-V processing
  • FREE haz/non-haz/sample destruction
  • FREE Form 41s and certificates of destruction
  • FREE credit reconciliation
  • FREE non-returnables analysis (at your request, once a year)
  • Additional Loyalty Discounts

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