What does PRS accept for return? Does PRS accept partial bottles or generic pharmaceuticals? Some return services only take back items from certain manufacturers.

PRS accepts both partials and full Rx bottles. We accept pharmaceuticals from all the manufacturers, including all the generic companies. As an independent Reverse Distributor and licensed hazardous waste generator, PRS accepts all items including but not limited to OTC, hazardous, non-hazardous, controlled substances and chemotherapy waste.

How many times can a Customer ship a Return to Pharmaceutical Returns Service in a year?

Pharmaceutical Returns Service will process up to twelve returns for a customer in one calendar year. Although Pharmaceutical Returns Service may receive more than twelve returns in one year we will use our best judgment in determining the most cost efficient method for processing your Return.

Are Customers expected to pay the shipping expense to send their outdates to Pharmaceutical Returns Processing Center?

NO! Pharmaceutical Returns Service never requires our Customers to pay shipping from the Customer location to our Processing Center. We provide prepaid shipping labels to our Customers for all shipping requirements. Simple shipping

How do Customers understand what they are getting back in refunds or credit from the manufactures for their returned pharmaceuticals?

Pharmaceutical Returns Service comprehensive set of reports clearly and simply shows you what you can expect to receive from each manufacturer for each item returned, and the method of reimbursement. Simple, concise and complete reporting.

Does Pharmaceutical Returns Service provide a list of everything we send?

YES! Pharmaceutical Returns Service provides our Customers with a complete inventory of all pharmaceuticals received, which pharmaceuticals were returned to their respective manufacturer, and which items were disposed of according to EPA, DEA, and FDA guidelines. Pharmaceutical Returns Service has the most comprehensive reporting system in the industry all designed to make the Return process as simple as possible for our Customer.

What guarantees are provided to Customers by Pharmaceutical Returns Service?

Pharmaceutical Returns Service provides a 100% Refundable Fee Guarantee, which states: If the Customer does not receive reimbursement of cash, credit or merchandise for their returned pharmaceuticals from the respective manufacturers Pharmaceutical Returns Service will perform a complete Customer Return Reconciliation. If a deficiency is discovered Pharmaceutical Returns Service will issue a credit or refund of an amount equal to Pharmaceutical Returns Service respective fee for the amount of the deficiency.

What kind of security does PRS incorporate at their facility?

For our Customer’s security, all PRS personnel are bonded, insured, and subject to random drug testing. In addition, our facility has a state of the art security system that monitors every aspect of the facility.

When we receive additional credit from the manufacturers, than what PRS quoted on our reconciliation report, will there be a fee for the additional credit amount?

No, PRS does not charge the Customer any fees for reimbursements that are in excess of the credit amount PRS reported.

Can we use PRS if you are not a preferred vendor with our GPO?

Yes, most all GPO contracts are not mandatory compliance. Usually GPO’s offer multiple return services on their plan. Pharmaceutical Returns Service offers the same GPO discounts and yet still provides the full service that is missing from many of the discounted outdate return service plans.

Is an item ever too old to be sent back to PRS for credit?

PRS accepts all pharmaceuticals for return and/or destruction no matter how old the item may be.

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