PRS utilizes some of the most sophisticated software in the business to generate a complete tracking picture for you of each item returned. Request a 16-page Sample Report via online form or simply call our office at (800) 215-5878 or (630) 277-8337 and well immediately fax or mail a set to you.

Report Description

Summary Job Report
This report is an overview of all items returned by dollar amount. This report reflects a dollar total for all returnable, non-returnable and in-dated items being warehoused until such time they become credit worthy.

Credit Reconciliation Report
The Credit Reconciliation Report will help you keep track of what you receive from the Manufacturers, and in what form you receive credit. PRS provides complete credit reconciliation on any job upon request. 

Returned Products Detail
This is an itemized list of drugs that will be returned to each Manufacturer for credit. This report provides the detail necessary to understand each credit being issued from the Manufacturer 

Non-Returnable Products Detail
This provides a detailed list of all drugs in your return job that are not credit-worthy, and the reason(s) why.

Returned Scheduled Drugs
The DEA requires detailed tracking of all controlled drugs acquired and disposed of by all registrants, including ‘from whom’ they were purchased and ‘to whom’ they are given for disposal. This report provides you the complete detail regarding your scheduled drugs—including date tracking of shipments and to which manufacturer or third party your returnable drugs will be sent.

Non-Returnable Scheduled Drugs
This report provides complete details regarding your Non-Returnable Scheduled Drugs and why they are not returnable for credit. All non-returnable scheduled drugs are “witness-burned” every 45 days, and full detail of their EPA compliant destruction is reported to the DEA by PRS.

Future Dated Products / Indated
To most efficiently pull outdates from your pharmacy and in order to maximize your return, we recommend pulling your outdated product three months in advance of their expiration date. PRS will warehouse all of your In-Dated drugs free of charge and will process these items for credit as such time they become credit worthy.

Certificate of Destruction 

PRS provides Certificate of Destruction for all items returned that are not returnable for credit and need to be destroyed. This report will provide documentation of their destruction, and is utilized to reflect the end of the “liability chain” regarding your Scheduled and Legend drugs. This report is required by the National Board of Pharmacy for all pharmaceuticals being destroyed. 

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