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Pharmaceutical Returns Service is a VAWD accredited facility. PRS specializes in Rx return credit management and the destruction of DEA and EPA regulated pharmaceuticals.

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Our Mission

Empowering industries by revolutionizing the return and destruction process of pharmaceutical waste, our mission is to meticulously navigate regulatory complexities, providing clients with a streamlined, compliance-assured experience.


Striving for perfection in every return, our vision is to be the trusted partner of choice, setting the benchmark for reliability, compliance, and operational excellence in pharmaceutical reverse distribution.


For more than 40 years, Pharmaceutical Returns Service has been a trusted partner in addressing the reverse distribution and destruction needs of a broad spectrum of clients, including mail order pharmacies, open and closed-door pharmacies, hospitals, manufacturers, laboratories, and healthcare professionals across the nation. Through our rich experience, we have successfully revolutionized the landscape, making the complex processes of pharmaceutical returns and destruction… simple.


We tailor our destruction services and reporting to align precisely with our client’s requirements, ensuring a seamless, timely, and regulatory-compliant process. Our commitment to delivering expedited and accurate reporting is particularly advantageous for substantial pick-ups, offering clients the ability to achieve prompt destructions. Serving as a comprehensive one-stop solution for all return and destruction needs.

40 Years of Experience Makes a Difference

Having 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical reverse distribution industry is invaluable, as it reflects a wealth of knowledge and expertise that is unmatched. Such extensive experience brings a deep understanding of the intricate workings of the industry, including regulatory frameworks, market dynamics, and evolving trends. Professionals with four decades of hands-on involvement in pharmaceutical reverse distribution possess a unique ability to navigate complexities and solve challenges with a seasoned perspective.

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PRS took the time to understand our business needs, providing us great service at a fair price. I appreciate their integrity and highly recommend them.

Illinois Pharmacy

The PRS team is very professional and courteous each time I call for assistance.


I have been with PRS for over 26 years and they have consistently provided an excellent service. I have referred them to many of my associates.

St. Joseph Apothecary

My experience with PRS over the past 5 years has been wonderful. All returns are processed quickly and they follow up with me to ensure I receive all my needed reports.

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