Drug Take-Back Program

Help your community ensure pharmaceuticals are destroyed properly.

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Take advantage of our drug take back program.

Proper disposal of unused medications through drug take-back programs can help reduce the environmental impact associated with pharmaceutical production and waste, promoting sustainability within the industry.

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What can a Drug Take-Back Program Offer?

Let us assist you in your drug take-back program by providing a safe and more sustainable reverse distribution system for your facility, community, and the environment.

What is Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy? (REMS)

Most facilities are required to have a REMS program!

Mailback Waste Disposal

Safe. Reliable. Affordable. Convenient.

By partnering with leading industry service providers, Pharmaceutical Returns Service provides simplified handling of sharps and other controlled medical waste.

Medical Waste Return kits allow you to safely dispose of everything from epi-pens and lancets to blood spills and other biohazardous material.

By providing suitable containment and packaging, mailback kits allow you to simply place your waste in the mail for return and appropriate disposal.

Whether for your place of business or your home, mailback kits allow you to remain in proper compliance with convenience. Choose the solution that’s right for you by clicking through to the online store below.

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